Most Trusted Reviewer(er)

Hello YoYoExpert(ers),
When you read a review the most important thing to consider is who is writing the review. If some-one is claiming to a beginner but saying it doesn’t do ladder escape well you need to question the person a little :wink: so with that said…

Who writes the best reviews on YoYoExpert? OR who would you MOST LIKE to see write reviews on YoYoExpert?

Well, depends what you look for in a review. I like to make reviews long, detailed, and let it show my experience over time. I think any review with the quality’s mentioned here:,703.0.html
So the reviewer I would obviously pick - Chris Allen - dryoyo

Speaking of which Ben, I have to post two reviews of my favorite yoyos by YoYoFactory :wink:


I always look to see if DrYoyo has a review on it. If he does, I pretty much go by what he says. His reviews are detailed and informative, and composed very well.

Also, YYFben, I am buying a Rim Dipped Skyline from you guys. I know you’ve had issues with dumb@!#'s making negative comments. For the record, I think that is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen so far. Do you have any more run’s planned. YYN only has 5 and I can’t order one till the 31st. I hope they don’t sell out before then. :frowning:

nothing with that same effect planned… but thats not to say we arent working on newer stuff :slight_smile:

Nice, well don’t worry, I’ll be snatching anything new you bring up also!!

Wow guys, that is quite an Honor, thank you.

Chris Allen, hands down.

DrYoYo understands the business, the products, and the people behind the hobby.

His reviews are always outstanding. He employs great photography, easy to understand linguistics, and journalistic integrity in everything he does.

When something new comes down the pipe, and I know the reviews are soon to be flowing like water, I wait patiently for that update to his blog I know is coming.

So, Ben, that’s my $0.02 for what it’s worth.


Edit: Inb4 Chris displays modesty. :wink:

Huge Afterthought Edit: It occurs to me that a lot of people feel the same way I do about Mr. Allen’s work. It also occurs to me that quite a good number products he reviews he pays for out of pocket. If you are in the business, getting your product into Chris’ hands would be a great way to obtain both constructive criticism and promote your product to the masses who place their trust in his words. Food for thought.


I know myself and a few others go by what Chris writes. He is the reason I own my pistolero, one of my fav yoyo’s.

in my opinion dryoyo is the best at reviews.

Im actually being a little bit sneaky here :wink:

The day before I posted this topic I mailed DrYoYo an DNA for review ;D

Rofl, yes, but I myself sir am being sneaky. I am the “Real Dryoyo” :stuck_out_tongue: So where’s mine?? lol. J/K Ben, but I do have my skyline on the way!!! Woot!!

Your sneakiness has both been noted and is appreciated ;D

Imagine my surprise when I found a new yo-yo in my box from you, No note or anything. I looked at my wife and said, I guess he wants a review huh?
The the next day, I saw this thread!

and I lol’ed


(ps the DNA is great, Finished the Eval, and am starting to write it tonight.)

Great…there goes another 120 bucks + shipping out of my savings!!! Curse you Ben! Stop making such good yoyo’s!! :smiley: