What kind of review style do you prefer?

There is the organized reviews like Lucas decker where each aspect of the yo-yo is broken down into sections. There is also the Brandon Vu and Dylan Kowalski type of reviews where they tell you their first impressions on the yo-yo as they play with it. There’s also reviews like yoyojoe where he talks about the yo-yo and then tells you how it plays. Which type of review do you guys find most useful and if there’s any other types of reviews let me know!

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I mainly like close-ups of the yoyo sleeping, being tested for vibe so I can see/hear how it reacts to a fingernail and also being compared directly to other yoyos which are popular such as the Shutter.
I’d also be interested to know what string is being used on the yoyo in the review.

Then I’d like to see a fingerspin and a thumb and arm grind with the reviewer’s comments on how well it does these things.

Basically it’s the simple things I like to see, the sort of things that I’d be examining first if the yoyo was in my hands.

I like to hear general impressions and commentary on what the reviewer thinks of the yoyo although I don’t take it as gospel.

Some fancy tricks would be great as a bumper scene at the end of the video for eye candy and style points!

Just my opinion of what I like to see in reviews.


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Thanks for the input!

I like reviews that include “drop tests” onto various hard surfaces from different heights so I can see how durable the yoyo is. These are especially important on higher end and collectible yoyos.


Nooooo! Most yoyos will gain vibe from dropping on hard surfaces. Please don’t do this! I am sad now.

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You’ll love @dylan_kowalski’s durability tests!

Here’s some:


For my preferred review style, I’m probably in the minority, but written reviews to me are the most helpful. I love browsing highspeedyoyo.com for reviews of older yoyos and a lot of times I’ll just search the forums for people’s thoughts about a yoyo instead of watching a video review. For me, it’s because written reviews cut out a lot of the fluff that you can add when doing a video review and get straight to the point. Written reviews also tend to talk about how the yoyo plays much more than video reviews.

I also found Chinese yoyo reviewers to be pretty helpful as well (video reviews) because they talk a lot about how the yoyo plays and also because those Chinese yoyos they talk about are extremely difficult to find information about, which makes all the ramble about specs and history very useful.


Finally, somebody who knows how to review yoyos! Dylan is setting the gold standard that other reviewers should be striving for. He’s doing the tests that actually matter…

✓ Hot Sauce Test
✓ Raw Egg Test
✓ Power Drill Test
✓ Baseball Bat with Nails Test

He’s definitely thorough.


Pretty sure I recall lawnmower and wheelbarrow tests, too. Those need to be used on EVERY yoyo.


Here it is!


The Bee Strangler!