Most rim weight?


Which yo-yo do you think has the most rim weight and/or most weight pushed away from the axle? I’m thinking it has to be the Speeder 2, but if so how about for full metal yo-yos only?

Just curious what you think.


The C3YoYoDesign BTH

You might need to look it up.


Ha. Just did. Thanks :slight_smile: Guess the BK is in the same league.

Let’s open it up to others. I forgot to mention the MVP (I wonder if the Monkey Fist is comparable). But I would think the Speeder 2 has it beat.


The Buzz-On C-Note (metal and plastic) and YYF Buddha King II (metal) both come to mind.

(Owen) #5

Genesis, super G, Code 1, and the BK one and two come to mind

(YoYo_Freak) #6

I was going to say that…
For anyone who doesn’t know, it weighs over 200 grams.


the BTH broke the world record for sleep time. 30 minutes 28 seconds or somewhere around there.


man i really want to try that BTH … I think I ma order it.


Hey man, got a few options for ya’-

STYY Bandit- My personal favorite, very rim weighted at 70 grams


CLYW Glacier Express


The General-Yo Magnum has quite a bit of rim weight.


They aren’t readily available but the C22 has lots of rim weight. One of the longest spinning yoyos I own.


The c22 markus koh edition looks sweet, but other than that I cannot find any pictures.
Can anyone upload some on this thread?


C22 stands for Catch 22. There is no player edition. I’m not sure what yoyo you are referring to. Here’s a pic:


I would say this is a contender if you were to narrow it down from purpose built sleeper-contest and exotic metals.


Is that an old G5?