7075 Bimetal or Ti

Which can achieve the most possible rim weight where their materials are used to their limits?

Im a magnesium guy myself.

Most likely just based on the design. Someone like TheMachinist could comment on it.

But my thinking says that Ti could achieve the most rim weight. The walls can be machined thinner, which would allow you to leave more weight at the rims.

But someone with more design/manufacturing experience would be able to confirm/deny that theory.

Based on the way you asked your question…bimetal

Haha, theres no specific reason that was listed first.

If we’re talking about pure limits of rim weight, 7075 bi-metal can achieve more rim weight than Ti. Better yet though, a bitanium! The Luftverk Fulvia BTM-R is the yoyo that has the most rim weight of all.

3rd place would be straight Ti

2nd place would be 7075 body/stainless rims

1st would be what Andy already mentioned;(Fulvia btm-r) Ti body with Stainless rims.

I didn’t mention tungsten because it’s just currently not a metal of choice.

Note; my suggestion on the proper order of maximum rim weight is taking into consideration that the designs are well thought out. Using whatever materials to achieve maximum rim weight could come out pretty lame if the weight is not placed properly for the: shape, diameter, width, etc…

The new Iyoyo Tissox looks pretty well ‘rimmed’! Sadly I do not have a Tissox; so I can’t compare the feel of one to the other.

But I do have a Fulvia btm-r. And that sucker is about as rimmed as possible, lol.

Maximum rim weighting is way over-rated. Some people don’t even like the feel.

I like the serious rim power but I actually enjoy throwing my Ribira more than the Fulvia btm-r.

And I have to say; that as much as I love the btm-r; I prefer the play and feel of the straight Ti Fulvia-r.


Also according to the titanium steel combination (or other type of brass metals) allows you to manage the masses in the most powerful way possible … but that of fulvia btm or other yoyo that adopt the same principle (eg Draupnir, Valkyrie, etc…) not is the right solution, it is not at that point that the addition of weight to the best performances.
Despite this, according to my point of view, if yoyo is designed well, the increase in performance that the use of multiple materials can give is not so important as to justify this choice, considering that most fragile of a yoyo bi / tri-metal compared to a mono-metal.