Most Recent Yoyo Competitions?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a list of yoyo competitions that have ended in 2013. Help would be greatly appreciated! I’m trying to track down a specific video. He was 1A 1st place, I just can’t remember which competition it was…

Thanks in advance!

I think Florida States, CalStates and PNWR are for sure “in the books”. There are others, but those are the ones I know for sure. Do you have a name, a look perhaps? Brand? 1A 1st PLace is a start.

Are you also talking about stuff in the United States, or world-wide? I think Japan has already had a bunch of stuff.

World-wide, he looked Asian. A little big boned as well, and he did some seriously amazing horizontal.

You can rule out CalStates then. Gentry Stein won that. He doesn’t match either aspects of your description, except maybe the horizontal part, but I don’t remember his performance.

Also can cut out PNWR because Zach Gormley won that