More 2A!!!

(Preston Huft) #1

I love 2A, and I’m currently trying to learn the wrap trick on
this site. But when I’m done learing it, what’s next? I think
there should be more wrap variations explained on this site.
Also more tangler variations. And if there was a video simply
for inspiration for combo ideas involving around the world
transitions, loops, hops, punches, shoot the moon, stalls,
etc., that’d be awesome. As far as wraps I’d like explained
in depth, elbow wraps, neck wrap things, wraps from hops,
etc. would be great! Thanks.


its gonna take a while for him to make new videos. All the videos on this site were filmed by expert village in 2007 or something.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #3

They could do it, but it would be hard work for Andre. He’s doing enough stuff for us too.



yeah, andre is in college and he’s leader of team yyj. He’s quite busy lols, but he said somewhere in the forums that yye is putting together a yoyoing dvd. Not sure of the details though.

(Preston Huft) #5

Yoyoing DVD? Sweet! Yeah, I know Andre’ is busy and stuff,
I was just suggesting it. I know it would take a while. 8)