MonkeyfingeR + YYE Ape-X contest Round #2

Thanks to everyone who took the time to play. As we progress the answers for the questions will get progressively harder.

The Correct answer to the first questions (round 1) is Mizaru.

If you answered correctly you can continue to round 2. You will be disqualified if you answer round 2 correct and didn’t answer round 1 correct.

Good luck to everyone.

On our Youtube page there is a video with MonkeyfingeR Ray. Monkeyfinger Ray has only ever made one yoyo video. Name the trick he is trying to do at 2:36.

The winner of this contest is going to get an Ape-X in a signed box by MonkeyfingeR Ray and Dam Tawd.

Good luck everyone.

oh golly gosh, this one’s hard.

I really want to say Brent Stole, but it could be Hidemasa Hook.

I’ll go with Brent Stole as my final answer.

Hidmease hook :slight_smile:

He’s seems to be popping too high for it to be a hook, so my guess is Brent Stole

Hidemasa Hook

hidemasa hook

I’ll say Brent Stole since he seems to only be trying to get one string over his finger, but other times it looks like a Hidemasa Hook, can’t really know definitively from that video and technique, but Brent Stole is my answer.

Hidemasa Hook. At it looks the same when I try it

Hidemasa Hook is the landed trick but does look like the attempt is a Brent stole. Is this is a trick question?

in the coin toss I go with the hook…

Bernt Stole

Hidemisa hook

Wheres the video?

Looks like Brent Stole to me.

Agreed. Looks like a Brent Stole attempt.

Hidemisa hook

Hidemasa Hook

Brent Stole.

Hidemasa hook hopefully

Hidemasa Hook ;D

Could someone find me the video?