Lacerations, Hidemasa Hooks, and Brent Stoles

I know how to do a laceration. I can sometimes do a Brent Stole, but it is pretty random. And I have no idea what a Hidemasa hook is. So:

How do you control your Brent Stoles
What is a Hidemasa Hook?

Here’s another tutorial besides the YYE tut.

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Here’s a good video of some hook tricks. (Some of them are really hard though.)

Hidemasa Hook is like Brent Stole except both strings go over your finger and you don’t stick your throw hand out. It’s much easier than Brent Stole.

That’s an opinion. I find Brent Stole to be easier.

To find Hidemasa Hook, go in the YYE Learn section and find the trick labeled “Hook.” It’s the same thing.

Hi guys. I am having this problem too. I land Brent Stole (…or W/E it’s called) when I try to learn Hook. I have landed Brent Stole at least 50 times trying to land Hook, and to this day, I have not landed one Hook! …EVER! I would love any personal tips. I have watched so many videos and I just can’t do it! Unless you know a very rare video, all I want is any personal tips that you used to learn/perfect this trick. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you’re landing brent stoles instead of hooks, then what you’re doing wrong is there should be 2 strings going around your finger when you hook, and only one when you brent stole. when you make the lasso motion, you can see a loop that swings clockwise. you have to have both parts of the loop hit your finger, so that the whole loop goes around. do you kinda see what I’m trying to say?

When you do a hook, you basically make the loop of string go around your non-throwhand finger and have one side go into the groove. It kind of hooks in there.

I’ve done a brent stole but I’m still clueless as to how it actually happens.

When I learned hook my big issue as that I couldn’t get both strings to go over just my finger. So I would suggest practicing a thin hook, so there is just enough space between the string for the yoyo, but little enough to go over your finger.