Brent Stole Help

Now that I can do Hidemasa Hook now. I’m interested in doing Brent Stole. Please post vids on how to do it and tips. ;D

Good job ;D

I’m gonna give you some tips, you can find videos on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember to only hit one string with your finger. In hook, you hit both strings, but brent stole you only hit the back string.
Once you hit, bring your throwhand forward.
Keep your throwhand near your freehand after you whip until it hits the yoyo, don’t take your throwhand and fly away, the loop will get smaller.

here is some good help


Took me a while, too.

What you do is you do a simialr motion to Hidemasa Hook, but whip back, stick your finger out, mone your throwhand in, and land it on the back string.