MonkeyFinger "See No Evil" Evil-Yo Mizaru Unboxing Video from Sniffy-Yo

Here’s a really unique and well crafted little throw from a new Canadian yoyo company called Mnkey Finger Design.
The unboxing of this partuicular yoyo was also fun and unique because they pack their boxes with lots of goodies.

her’s a link to the blog post that includes the video and scans of some of the goodies that are stuffed in their boxes…

How long did it take to ship to ya

about a week. had to get through customs.

I think imma get one now
thanks to you as soon as you pulled it out of the box I was like :open_mouth: so prettty lol

I have 2 Its my favorite throw currently. I just love teh feel of teh shape, super stable and great spinning. Found binds slippy but put in some YYF Pro Pads and that took care of it. I also swapped the Bearing with a KK(Just my Preference) Love this thing.

Just one question any1 also have an issue with threads poping around the bearing? Talked to Ray and said some of the Earlier ones had this issue and to take some 1000grit sand paper to the edge of teh response area. I did it on 1 of my Evil-Yos for a test so far it seems to have worked. gonna keep testing though.

ALso gonna try Flowable in one and compare it to the Pro Pads.