MonkeyFinger 2Evil

So this is my first what i would consider to be high end yoyo not made by a big manufacturer (YYF/YYJ) type company. I am super impressed. It came with a ton of string and a cool little pouch which was a nice bonus. To put a frame of reference on my review, i am still progressing through the trick ladder on yye and am working on the expert 1 and 2 and can do some other randoms that i thought looked cool and learned (turbo repeater, branding and a few other).

Now the yoyo:
For the specs you can just check the yye sale page. The yoyo plays super smooth! Feels like it spins for days. It feels extremely solid but plays light on the string if that makes sense. The balance is so on point that it is literally the only throw i own that i can snap start. The paint job is freakin amazing, i got the dragon slayer color. It is a little on the undersize side (which i knew) but it is still very very stable. I am guessing the stability is due to the design and the excessive rim weighting. Also, the shape is very comfortable in the hand especially for being undersized. It played dead unresponsive out of the box which is also really nice, no danger in the unexpected knuckle slams. The monkey snot stuff plays well and provides tight binds and the neon green looks cool. Overall I think the throw is a great purchase and can definitely see the value in a pricier small shop throw.

I know there isnt a ton of detail in the review, but thanks for reading!

I own the Puffin 2 Gnw 2 and OD rebirth, and the 2 evil is more fun to play than those and performs just as good with a little more stability but a little heavier feeling on the string. I have been wanting to try a MF yoyo and I’m glad i did! Now to get my hands on the other 2!

purchasing is a slippery slope. I have a fools gold sasquatch on the way

I think you did a good job describing it, and appreciate you mentioning the aesthetics. I know you could find it on the YYE page, but listing the specs here can give us a better reference when you mention “a little on the underside”, without having to open a new tab or closing the app on mobile. How well does the finish grind? Otherwise, good job, you touched on all the important stuff

Thanks! I’ll add specs next time

The finish feels i little rougher than say a CLYW or OD, but it actually grinds very well.

I just received a 2evil recently as well, it’s a fun throw but it takes some getting used to. Definitely not a yoyo for a beginner to learn a trick on, but for an experienced thrower to hit their tricks cleanly on. It’s undersized characteristics make it a tad unforgiving but at the same time tech tricks are a bit easier to hit.

And yes, it grinds pretty good but nothing will beat my Firrox when it comes to grinds :slight_smile:

Well, I imagine it probably handles most grinds other than finger grinds better than the Firrox due to the Firrox’s steel rims. From the finish on my MF Evil Yo, it should be very good at grinds.

More picture will be better, nice review. :wink:

It arrived the same day as a Sasquatch and the Sasquatch is my fav throw so far. The 2evil is my fav undersized though for surw

Dragon Slayer is one wicked CW. Ive been wanting to try monkeyfinger but its hard to beat the caribou. FG aint a bad way to go either. Resale value is almost 100%. Great review. Beautiful throw. Monkeyfinger is the king of colour IMO. I’ll give em that.