MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


Special project coming up… check this out.


10 amazing one of kind throws with crazy yoyo holders. Check this out.


Today at 4PM mountain time!!


Those tops are too fresh, my ape x…is alil jelly,laser engravings are flawless


Ross had this to say about using MonkeyfingeR’s BUFF,75332.0.html


I don’t care what anyone says, as usual, but MFD’s ano is completely a million miles ahead of everything else!



Thank you sir!!!


i know thats my first show off throw, XD just the colors and the sheen makes u just look at it for ever XD


Thanks Grinch you know you all push us to keep getting better. So you all should pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!!


Well its that time again guys. We would like to introduce to you our newest throw. Gelada 2!! here is a peak at the first colourway.


Awesome!!! The Gelada is an amazing throw. Glad to see you revisit and update it!


Excited for this, love my Gelada! :slight_smile:


Here is the next colourway. This throws amazing! the specs are right on the money. The last pic of the say will have all the spec info for you guys.

The amazing Kilazaru


The one the only! Lemon-Merangled on the Gelada 2.


NEW colourway Pineapple Express! now we are playing with some colours.


Lemon Merangled and Pineapple Express are insane. Flippin’ insane.


That Lemon Merangled. Just wow.


Digging that Pineapple Express ;D


here are a few more colour ways for ya.


…holy monkey poop…i need my job back…XD…whats the release date? these are gorgeous man… i still have never thrown a gelada…please dont take down the custom ano for the OG gelada ill be there soon X_X