MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


Introducing the MonkeyfingeR team 2014

  • Chris Allen: Director of Operations - Chris brings veteran level knowledge and experience to the MonkeyfingeR team. After a 5 year run driving and a string of successful Cal States contests, Chris deliver a wealth of knowledge, a honed point of view and a lifetime of industry know-how to the MonkeyfingeR lineup.

  • Shannon Rifenburg: Online Promotions – By now, everyone should be familiar with the product and unboxing videos Shannon is known for. Shannon has a great eye for online promotions and community involvement that and will be looking after internal videos, unboxings and tutorials for MonkeyfingeR.

  • Mike Montgomery: Team Captain – With a promotion to Team Captain, Mike brings years of experience in both competitive and branding. His tenacity and involvement into the yoyo community makes him the perfect leader for a team mixed with experienced players and “up and comers.”

  • Tony North: Team Player - Tony is best known for his SMOOOOOTH style, he is always entertaining to watch just how fluid throwing a yoyo can be. His videos have been highlighted on a number of community websites and proves daily that age is not a factor.

  • Vero: Team Player - Vero is an amazing player from Idaho who brings a unique style to our team. Her outside the box thinking and constant desire to push the envelope makes her a hot commodity in the industry. Vero is proof that new yo-yo concepts don’t need to fall into a category.

  • Dylan Benharris: Team Player – Despite his young age, Dylan brings a decade of competitive player experience to the MonkeyfingeR team. His speed and technical precision have gained him notoriety as a player to watch. His constant desire to improve both himself and his yo-yoing is an inspiration to us all.

  • Will Hahn: Team Player – Will is a great unknown dark horse that you will be a fan of without even knowing it. He has an amazing ability to create tricks that are both fun to watch and mind boggling. What looks like simple combinations will have you cursing his name as you try to pick apart the trick to learn yourself. He is an incredible talent that is poised to climb the competitive ladder in both 1A and 5A.


Pretty cool how Chris and Dylan are sponsored by the same company


I feel like this is my favorite yoyo team.

Or maybe its just that mike monty is tied (with 2 others) asmy fav yoyoer.


Really cool to see Chris Allen on the management team! Tony North… an absolute favourite of mine. Mike as well. Vero’s appearances in Mike’s videos have been entertaining and skillful. Looking forward to seeing some more videos in 2014, guys!


Looks like MFD is coming out in full force with that team.


We are super excited with this team. Everyone brings a unique angle on things. Wait till you see what we have planned for this year!!!


Check out this new vid from 2 of our newest team members!  Leather Fur Nails  give it a look.


check this out. Shannon put an upboxing vid plus a sweet how to use BUFF. Its all in one. dont miss it.


So I just ordered a MonkeyFinger Gelada and I just received it today. I am very impressed with the Colorway packaging extras and how it plays (For the most part)
However… one thing I am not impressed with is the speed that it eats through the string. I wasn’t using cheap string either (Cough String labs Ammo $7 bucks per 10)
I have read reviews about this throw… and according to most reviews they said “Monkey Finger” no longer suffered from problem. I still took the precaution of looking at my string after each throw… and when I noticed wearing on the string, I changed it. I went through 3 strings in a matter of an hour (which is excessive)… on the 3rd string it snapped. Bouncing off the floor several times. Luckily it left very little marks and no wobble.
Understandably I should have probably stopped after the 2nd string wearing out so quickly but, I thought if I kept going the string might wear down the finish enough to stop this from happening.

SoI am kind of in a pickel here??? I am kind of worried about even throwing this yoyo any more. Any advice… has anyone else ever experienced this with the Gelada or any other Monkeyfinger throws? I can tell you that in all my years of yoyoing I have never had this issue happen to me. I am kind of disappointed. Besides doing an RMA… does anyone have any suggestions to help me with this?.. (for example ideas people have done to smooth out the rough edges.)

What really confuses me… is that this Gelada does not have sharp corners on the catch zone like the evil-yo. catch zone does and supposedly that is the MFD throw that has this issue?

My intention is not to bash MFD… it is just to gather information and advice.


P.S. I will admit I Ammo is a thicker string and I have already switched to Kitty String (Normal) to help with this. However if this throw has problems with larger string. I did not see that information anywhere.


The blast is probsbly the problem. My Bape.2 had a similar issue, and just rubbing the wall of the yoyo with the green side of a Scotch-Brite pad fixed it.


Green side of a scotch pad huh???

It didn’t scratch it all up did it?

Thanks for your help


There was a little lightening up of the ano, but that was only visible upon close inspection.


It worked thanks a bunch!
I was actually planning on doing my next review on this yoyo. Would you mind if I gave your name a shout out… for the great suggestion?


I don’t mind, though it wasn’t my idea. I got it from someone else, I don’t remember who.


Well thanks for the info but your the one who gave it to me. Either way thanks again.


Denim works also. I just used my pant leg and rubbed each half for about 10 minutes. No ano rub off at all, just made the finish smoother.


Only the mighty Dragon Slayer Co-lab can be found on YYE!

crazy colourway, i loved doing this one. Its allot of work but there are no other colours ways that are close to this one.

Get them when they drop!!

Look at the dragon coming out of the black mist!!!


Hey guys these new Ape-x colour ways just hit YYE.


I really want to get an Apex. Love that Purple with Green acid and white splash.


Dat red and blue though.