MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


I see my problem. I don’t practice at all, I play ;).


You win if not the entire internet, at least the YYE forum!




check this out. steller review of the Ape-X. Awesome read.


Brand new colour way heading to YYE. Dragon Slayer!!




The dragon engraving/ano looks so cool!


So pretty! :o


Freakin’ amazing. And the tattoo just sends it over the top.




Thanks everyone for all the compliments. It really means allot and we are always checking in to see what you guys have to say. TY!!!


Steampunk project we were asked to do for Victor. Remember you too can order your very own one of a kind return top! Before you ask yes this is all anodized. No printing or drawing.


Holy moly, that’s ridiculous, so cool.


After I find a way to try an ape-x or gelada I’m definitely going to take you up on that offer.


Hey anytime its really easy. We are going to be doing a community created colour way using our custom order process. Make sure you watch us on facebook so you can help us out to create a new colour way.


Are you going to make more lesulas.I really want one new.


Sorry Agyoyo we dont have any plans as of today to make another run of those.


noooooo :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(


We have a cool new project running on our facebook. Its a community created colourway. find us on facebook to play along. Monkeyfinger Design.


new review is up you can check it out here.  Everyone loves the ape-x!