MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


Mizaru … Definetly I remember that first evil-up with it












Evil Yo Mizaru!


I’mma go with Mizaru.






Finally! A yoyo contest that doesn’t required me to like or share a facebook page!

I’m going to say… Mizaru.

Purely because that’s what everyone is saying, and I want to be popular. ;D




Introducing spiderSplash! The splashes in silver are thinner then the hair on your head. The red on the yoyo is a regular sized splash.

its just another style that you can use when you create your very own one of a kind yoyo from MonkeyfingeR


The Ape-X gets release tomorrow Dec 18th at 8PM EST. You can check out the countdown clock right here on YYE. Your Fav online store will have all of the colours ready to go. Dont miss out and pick up the throw that everyone is loving!! A true competition yoyo for everyone.


Very excited. Can’t wait to try one! Also any chance you could fix your signature?? :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy i think i have it fixed


check out what goes into the ape-x box


Come on man, you forgot to mention that sweet pouch and you even had your hand on it in the video.


HAHA thats an excellent point dude. well done. I actually made a separate video just about the pouch because so many people ask about it.



So if you wanted to get good at yoyoing. Not competition good but say one step down. How many hours a day do you think you would practice? How many hours or minutes a day do YOU practice?