MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


this. Will it ever be available for gelada or forte?


This is one of the coolest things a company has ever offered imo


On the PDF form it says they will do it for the Gelada too.


at this time you can order either an Ape-X or Gelada.


awesome. Thanks


this is sweet!
what s the timing for production from time of order?


kitebug: it takes around 4 weeks to get your yoyo in the mail depending on how complex you order.


new Ape-X Reach your potential!! graphic. reverse evolution what??


Looks like the Blue Baboon Bacillus is looking for a new home. Order has been shipped to YYE. Stay tuned.


new video by team member Tony North showing us just how smooth the Ape-X can be.

thanks Tony.


That is very nice. I have anyways loved your ano work by the way. You guys are great!


thanks man!!


Chris Allen of had this to say about the Ape-X “The Ape-X. I love this thing. It is my favorite yoyo. Period. I have thousands of throws, I have reviewed hundreds, and this is my go to. Without question” When asked why his reply was Quite a few reasons actually. The design, visuals, handling, and style flexibility are all fantastic, but what keeps me coming back to it over and over again is the feeling when it is getting thrown. It is so solid, and completely versatile. It matches my casual play style perfectly, and when I want to buckle down and jam out harder tricks it performs without compromise. Keep in mind, I have had this yoyo for a few months. I got it quite a bit ago from the MokeyfingeR guys and was asked to hold off on reviewing it. It is a shame that YoYoSkills is off, because this was a throw I really wanted to review, but on the plus side I don’t have to put it down to review something else."

Thanks for the kind words Chris, we think this is by far our best throw yet!!

These pics were sent to us from Chris, these are the team colours. We only made 10 of these they out to our team and reviewers.



HAHA thank you! you just put a smile on my face well done!!


orange black and pink! (Mizaru)


haha, I was wrongggggg. Mizaru is the first, and one of my favorites to boot.



Probably spelled it wrong though.




Here is the question. Now we need some answers.

This starts round #1

Ok guys this is how the contest is going to work. We are going to ask a question here on our Facebook. You will also find the same question in the blog section of our website. You will answer the question on our manufacturer thread on yye website. I’ll post the link. There will be muliple rounds. At the end there will be a random draw to pick the winner. You can only enter once and only the qualifying people from round 1 will move onto round 2. One entry per person per round. Each round will last a few days. Good luck everyone and pass the word along. Lets play!!!

First question - What is the name of the first colourway we ever produced.