MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


I was thinking the exact same thing about the Ceasar…


We don’t have any plans to make more Forte BUT you can order up any colour way you like on our next release.


anyone want to learn a new trick?  Team member Tyler posted up a tutorial on his trick Snake River Landing.  You can check it out here.


another original trick from team member Tyler Jorgensen.  lets learn a new trick people!!


Wish I coulda snatched that Omnibus, I definitely wouldn’t mind having more than one Caesar!

Next release, I’m gonna have to grab some of those crazy anno’s, especially since I need a Gelada 2


sounds like a plan we will be doing a second run Caesar shortly :slight_smile:

#267​ just posted up an insightful interview with our very own Tyler Jorgensen!!  check it out, its a great read.  Well done Tyler.  If your in the Idaho area you better make it out to the states yoyo competition.


lets learn a new trick.  Check out this original trick from team member Will Hahn.


what better way to sped a saturday afternoon then to learn a new trick or element.  Well you can check out Will Hahn new tutorials Mike Marshal Arm Transfer right here.


he taught me that at my first contest!


NICE!! do you find yourself using it in your routines?


Team captain micheal montgomery has just posted up a new tut of his original trick Montgomery twist!

you can check it out here.  Add a little flare to your routine!


I do use it! It’s the best intro I can find to arm tricks!


Thats awesome!!!


Hey everyone, we just updated our product vids.  Now you can get the latest info on all the accessories that we make.  Monkey SNOT, BUFF, Gorillious Lubricus, and MonkeyfingeR Vines.

Thanks All.


What is this newfangled Yoyo you fellas are using in all of the new product videos?


Just copped some of the Ape Hangers from the recent release… :o I love hybrid strings in the first place, but this is a league above.

I intend to do a full write up when I’ve had more than a half hour on them, but at the moment, these are the best strings I’ve ever had, even better than my precious Slackline Oranges

(Chris Allen) #278


We are very excited to announce our newest member to the MonkeyfingeR Team Loris Hc.  Loris brings an amazing style, original tricks and back for cinematography.  Welcome to the team Loris!!!

Want to see him in action?  you can check it out right here.

({RTD} alecto) #280

i knew it wasnt going to be long before he got picked up…

congrats to both parties