MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.

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Ave Caesar! Multos Gallos vehementer occidisti… tamen excellens volubilis objectum.

Some of that was Gtranslate I admit :stuck_out_tongue:



what he said


all i can say is i love google translate!!!


Well I got my Silverback Tiger color in the mail today!!! Its such a beautiful throw. It isn’t as bright orange as the picture you guys have posted which was slightly disappointing (I’m a super bright color lover neon pink/orange/green). Other than that I have to say the finish is supreme, the colors are awesome, and the thought behind the color way is genius. A+ boys I love it!

This thing is big, and it spins man…and spins…and spins… This amazes me because as stated in other threads and I think it may have been brought up in this thread, that the bearings come pre lubed. Combine this with breaking in the monkey snot silicone and right out of the box it is pretty responsive, but I haven’t played responsive in a long long time so I’m gonna break it in and re play some old tricks I have forgotten about. I can’t wait to see how fast it is when all that lube is gone, ill give it a week and then clean it.

Caution when throwing, because what you think is gonna be a slow cumbersome beast, is actually super fast. It plays like a combination of Clay Matthews who runs a 4.4 instead of a 4.6, and Barry Sanders from in the day who can not only run but can also catch like Calvin Johnson. So as you all have probably surmised from those comparisons is that it is an amazing player, dazzles the eye, and hits like a red meat mac truck. No, but seriously, it can and will sting the hand, bind with caution lol.

Well now I’m just rambling! Anyway, maybe ill give a full review in a couple of weeks. My original intent was to just pop in and tell you guys how much I love it and tell you a little about what I thought. Great job guys!


Thanks for the kind words!!! Just to talk a bit out the bearing and response we have found that if we pre-lube that bearing just a tiny bit and you let it break in properly the bearing really lasts a very very long time. Clean it up in a week. The same goes for the response, the Monkey SNOT needs just a bit of break in time and once that happens you’ll be hard pressed to get a better response system.

Have fun throwing!!! We are ecstatic you really like the throw!!!

Merry Christmas…

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Figured I should poke my head into this thread and say hi to everyone! Just wanted to thank you all for making the Caesar launch such a great success! How many of you have received yours so far? How are you liking yours? I’m addicted to mine, Chris blew it out of the water with this design in my opinion! :slight_smile:


still havent had the chance to grab pone yet X_X i will eventually, but besides all that, congrats on your newborn man! A baby is a precious gift! ;D


I have a question ! Why is mfg short for monkeyfingeR why not just mf… Oh i see…


If you play 5a with this is it technically alea jacta est


MFD actually, MonkerfingeR Design


We are currently having a contest on our Facebook to give away a Caesar combo in a hand made wooden box. Its a one of a kind colour way.

You until the end of the month to get your entry in. DO NOT put it in this thread for your story to count it needs to be on our Facebook contest thread. good luck everyone.


i’m thinking we should start the year with ordering up some photo-types.



Amazing new vid from team member Mike Monty

Then and now.  What a difference 10 years makes.


Awesome video. All the hair migrated from his head to his face!




For the first time ever MonkeyfingeR has a box set. The Omnibus! A one of a kind colour way you will only find on the Omnibus series. We produced only 6 boxes to celebrate 2014. The boxes are hand made with a lasered Omnibus logo.

The Gelada 2 and Caesar have been amazing throws for 2014. This is the perfect box set for anyone who wanted these throws now in a matching set.

check out our Facebook for more details.


Wow. Really wish I had the money for this. That colorway might just be my favorite out of anything I’ve ever seen.


Thanks buddy, we still have 2 left. The ano is perfect! they are so smooth. Who ever decided to pick these up are getting an amazing set!!


No doubt. We’ll have to see if there’s still one left when I get my tax return back. Regardless, keep up the awesome work!


That omnibus color way is sick. I wish I could get the gelada 2 only. On another note, what is that amazing looking forte color in the MFD store? I can see there aren’t any left but the image for the Forte in the store looks amazing. Would have insta-copped