MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


I love that tiger color!! I’m buying one if I can for sure.


Agreed! That silverback tiger is awesome! Such a fantastic and unique colorway! Great job MFD!


The yoyo and every colorway looks great. After watching the little video I wish that one of the colorways had been named “Ecstasy of Gold” or something along those lines after the song.


I know you’re all wondering does the Caesar actually play?  Yes it does, the team members put it through an array of different types and kinds of tricks including some horizontal play.  Check out this video to see it in action.


YR: The gap area is gold plated
or wat


yes. i tried to and now there are little pieces all around the silicone area.


ok so NP best thing to do is clean the area as best you can. I use air, if you have a compressor awesome or just some computer air in a can works great. For any left over silicone i just use some nail polish remover. Put some on the silicone you want to remove, let it sit for a few minutes and it should fall right off.

let me know you make out.


Garrett Moody did an unboxing of the Caesar.  Check out what you get in yoyo box.

Cool triangle box, Caesar throw, MonkeyfingeR sticker, Monkeyfinger Hybrid string, installed Monkey SNOT response system and an awesome only from monkeyfinger throw pouch to keep you new investment safe and sound.


It worked!! thanks mfd you guys are awesome!!


awesome glad to help out!!!


One of the things i really like about making a new colour way is putting it up to the team to come up with a name. Some times i have some direction and idea’s and sometimes i just put it up to the team to come up with a name. This colour way was all about the team coming up with a name. They nailed it with Gladiator’s Conquest!!


I just wanted to give you guys and YYE a HUGE heads up that I just checked out the monkey finger for sale page on YYE and looked at the Caesar. Even though I’m gonna try and get a Silverback tiger color way I wanted to let you know that the pictures of the colors under the product page (I’m assuming these are YYE’s descriptions) do not line up with the pictures Monkeyfinger has underneath the Monkeyfinger Caesar ad (original color way pictures I’m assuming Monkeyfinger made themselves)with the monkey sitting in the chair dressed as a roman. It looks like the Iwazaru and the Laurel Crown colors are switched and could cause some people confusion when ordering these throws. Would hate to see people try and order a Iwazaru color way and get a Laurel Crown color way. You guys might have some disappointed and angry customers. Maybe I’m wrong and if you don’t know what I’m talking about just go check out YYE’s monkey finger Ceasear already up on YYE’s store and you will see what I’m talking about.

Cant wait till 8 tomorrow to get my Silverback Tiger guys! Love the work you have done and the promoting as well!


Thanks for the heads up i’ll contact Andre right away!!!


The first review is in at highspeed yoyo and chris says “its quite the player”  You can read all about the review on the link below.  Dont miss out, this yoyo goes on sale today.  Yes you should get it before Christmas.  We still have 10 days left and Andre at YYE is super fast on shipping.

For the review.

To purchase your own Caesar

Dont miss out!!


Your welcome guys.


Flip, I didn’t even notice. That was very well caught indeed Mr Jack, nicely done. :slight_smile:


Yeah I saw that yesterday and contacted yye… People would be upset if they got the wrong colorway… but its all fixed now.


Well I nabbed me a silverback tiger guys. My wife wasn’t too happy I bought another yoyo but oh well it was just too pretty. Can’t wait!!! I’ll let you know what I think.

(Chris Allen) #239

Better get it while you can. YoYoexpert only has 4 left


Another review for you guys to check out.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile:,80030.0.html