MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


Here is some cool info we made talking about the design changes we made to the Gelada 2.



US nats recap.  MFD Team player Will pulls out the last trick in the vid Jaw dropping!!! Looks like it was an amazing event this year.  Huge congratz to everyone who went.  Even getting to compete at that level is spectacular.  Pat yourself on the back!! well done.

Fear the beard!!


The Casar is coming prepare yourself. Let the Die be Cast.


Casar? Why not Caesar?


It’s Caesar everywhere except this thread’s title. You decide where the typo is. :wink:


I’ll try to find out as I’ll talk live with MFD on the show:


It’s casar there too. I guess it’s going to be caesar.


Alea icata est

The die is cast…

When Caesar crossed the Rubicon he said this… Be prepared for MonkeyfingeR


Introducing Caesar!!! Full specs are as follows.

Weight 69 Grams
Width 43.65mm
Diameter 58mm
Gap 4.35mm
Monkey SNOT response system
Monkey String Hybrid
10 ball high end bearing
All in our custom printed triangle box with our unique single throw pouch and MonkeyfingeR Sticker.

Release date is Dec 15th plenty of time for christmas. This is the first colour way Laurel Crown!!!


Oh man what an awesome shape! Bit heavy, but with the size i bet it works nicely. Great stuff.


Mid or high wall? Or is it still a secret?

(Chris Allen) #212

It is a large yoyo, so it is a high wall but effectively a mid due to the diameter. The result is a fast throw that can adjust on the plane quickly without sacrificing rotation.


Caesar est mortui!!!


Mr. Chris Allen, aka DrYoYo from fame, helps run the show here at #monkeyfinger has a difficult job to say the least. He has to keep us all reigned in and on track. No easy task believe me. I like to refer to him quite often as an Evil Genius! Chris is the one who put together the #saveagelada2 campaign which was a HUGE success so when he said he wanted to created the next MonkeyfingeR release who was I to say no. The original layouts all came from Chris for the Caesar. When i asked him what we were shooting for in this release he had this to say “I want something that is aggressive, fast, versatile, and worthy of a 3 min stage performance without any gimmicks” with that Caesar was born.

Today’s colour way is Silverback-Tiger. The team members helped us pick the name of the colour and I must say they did a great job. This is a brand new colour way from us for the release of Caesar.

MonkeyfingeR Ray

(major_seventh) #215

Caesar occisus est a Bruto.

Latinam Voco!

(No joke I have to take Latin for my 2 year language study. That wasn’t google translate–google translate is terrible).


very cool, looks interesting!


Is there a easy way to get out monkey snot. i tried and not its not fully out.


you mean you have some installed in your yoyo now and you want to remove it so your yoyo is clean?


our last 2 amazing colour ways are. Gladiator Conquest and Galactic Blood. Both are very limited numbers. We only made 10 of the Gladiator Conquest and 6 of the Galactic Blood.


(Chris Allen) #220

Ray and I sat down and took a walk through Making Caesar.
The Caesar will be available on December 15th from select online retailers. You may notice a few colorways that are not part of our release, Those are “Artist Proof” colorways which are one of one colorways commissioned by individuals in the yo-yo community. That’s right. MonkeyfingeR does it all.