MonkeyfingeR introduces "The PIC"

MonkeyfingeR introduces their newest creation.  “The PIC”, solving and age old dilemma, the return top knot.  Gone are the days of taking your return top apart pulling out your tangle, then putting it all back together and re balancing.  Keep “The PIC” handy, attach it to your keys, necklace or just keep it in your pocket.  Made from Stainless steel and laser etched.


I dig this. All too much.

I need one.

I like the idea of it. Really handy.
i want one.

I like it, but id rather just use a pencil.

yup, i kinda agree.
But you can’a attach a pencil to your keys, or use it as a pendant.
this is an awesome idea.

SOLD OUT, we are happy to announce that our PIC was a huge success.  We have sold out.  All products have shipped.  We will post when we have more for sale.  A massive thank you to everyone who purchased one making the launch of our first product a success and for supporting MonkeyfingeR.  Thank you to the yoyo community.

MonkeyfingeR Design