Monkeyfinger forte


Hey i was windering if anyone has tried the monkeyfinger forte. Im thinking on getting one


Fits nicely in your pocket and super stable. Overall unique and fun yoyo


That’s what i was looking for, one that plays well and fits good in pocket


I wanted one FOREVER.


Enjoyed mine was a bit narrow so it never became a favorite. Watch the BST you could snag one for about $75.


Ok… How would this compare to the C3yoyodesign krown


Apples and oranges.


The krown is a performance beast but isn’t going to fit in your pocket as nicely. The forte is very unique and I don’t think the krown pulls that off as well. If you’re just after performance C3 is releasing the berserker SS very soon which is a bimetal that outperforms the krown even.