MonkeyfingeR Forte at the 2013 Nationals

(MikeMonty) #1

Hey folks! Sorry it has been so long since I put out a video, life has gotten sorta busy :frowning: But here is my nationals video. MonkeyfingeR Design helped send me to the contest to promote my signature throw the Forte and I got a few awesome guys to let me film them throwing some of their amazing tricks while using my throw. I hope you all enjoy the video! Take care and see you soon! -Mike

(Mack) #2

Turned out awesome! What a fun weekend, my dancing skills are second to none :wink:


Some nice work going on there on the Forte. Good times had by all, I would think. :wink:

(MikeMonty) #4

Haha Mack you do have some serious dancing skills! lol… It was great seeing you again bud, thanks again for letting me film you throwing some 3A with the Forte, that was pretty awesome to capture :slight_smile:

GregP, Thank you! Yea I’m pretty sure everyone was having a good time haha, I swear I wasn’t off camera threatening them to use the yo-yo O_O


After watching this and recommendations on Facebook I’m going to get one :slight_smile: And I have a feeling I’ll get another and compete with it at Illinois States next month if I like it enough.

(MikeMonty) #6

MYNAMEISZen, that’s rad dude, thank you for the support :slight_smile: If you do end up using it as Illinois States make sure you record your freestyle and send me a link to it so I can share it :slight_smile:


These are my favorite kind of videos, where there are just a bunch of different people hucking around a yoyo, and a nice one at that :wink: I think they are so cool because you can really see how different people are with their throwing style, flow, etc. pretty interesting if you ask me.

(MikeMonty) #8

NavyThrow, thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the video, I agree seeing a variety of people put a yo-yo through it’s paces is fun and believe me I did enjoy seeing people far more talented than myself making my yo-yo do things I could only hope to do with it myself someday. :slight_smile:


Great, fun video. Btw, I got to try a forte and man was it good! I was that idiot who said it wouldn’t be my forte…well that was a stupid thing to say and a terrible pun at that! Great yoyo. :slight_smile:

(MikeMonty) #10

crazyshanky2: Haha it’s all good bud! You never truly know how you’re going to feel about something until you try it! Never miss an opportunity to make a pun! :wink: And thank you! I’m glad you found it to be enjoyable :slight_smile:


Ok I cant really seem to find anyone to sell it theres so I’m saving up for a retail one :stuck_out_tongue: If anybodys interested in a temporary trade for one let me know!!!