MomentuM response

Hey guys, I have a Duncan MomentuM that I love (since I’m a hubstack™ fanatic), however the response is causing me some problems. It has Duncan’s silicone friction stickers that are recessed slightly, but no matter what I try I can never get tight binds and that makes my throws very sloppy as the yo-yo simply slides to the end of the string rather than unwinding. I’d like to try different response, but I don’t think the recess is deep enough to take flowable silicone. Tried different string without much change.

IrPad/Dif .555 thick

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I ordered exactly those today along with some replacement Duncan silicone ones…needed string anyway and shipping is only $3 :slight_smile: My 2nd YYE order in 3 days…

Dif pads are pretty slippy. But the IrPads should be the business!

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Yeah I needed dif-pads anyway (for my difs and FHZs that aren’t recessed) so I thought I’d throw them in at the same time but also give them a shot in the Momentum. YYE didn’t have any thick IrPads but I’ll give the thin ones a shot first and if I need more figure it out then :slight_smile:

Currently running 2 thick Dif pads and it’s pretty much perfect, the Duncan stickers are just too recessed it seems. I’ll try the IrPads when the Difs run out…