Modified Hitman


Ok so here’s what happened:
At MA states I needed new k-pads for a dv888. Well, the guy gave me the wrong size. Today, I noticed something. The k-pads I got (I think they’re large skinny k-pads) are almost the exact same size as the o-rings in my hitman. Just a bit smaller. So I took out the o-rings and popped in the k-pads. I used a small, flat tiped screwdriver to smooth them out and make them lay flat in the groove. When I first put them in, the yoyo became completly responsive. The more I play with it, the less responsive it becomes. Now it’s almost completly unresponsive. I find that the yoyo spins for a slightly longer time and that it playes better on the string. I highly recomend doing this.