DM + K-Pad

Ever wanted to silicone your Dark Magic but didn’t have the time or steady hand? Fear no more my friends!

I had an extra set of Grind Machine sized K-Pads and got curious. So I opened my DM, removed the silicone I had where the o-ring used to be, and BAM! Sure enough the K-Pads will fit with a little stretch.

You will have to use both pads (one as a spacer, and the other as the actual response) for this to work. So far, it has played smooth and produced tight binds. I’ll do a full review after a week of play.

I don’t get how to put them in though, I’ll have to expirement.

you have to take the o-ring out and use a toothpick or something similar to work the pad into the gap, then do the same with the second pad. its a tight fight at first, but it works.

Hey, i did this a long time ago on my Axiom. Size 888 pads fit PERFECT. :wink:

They do!
I just put them in Yesterday!

When I ordered K-pads for my 888 I also got a few for my YYJs, I use it in my Dark Magic.