what size respond pads does the dark magic use


i have a dark magic and i dont like the o rings it uses what size reaspond pad does it use


what pad

you can just get yyj silicon here

but they are out of stock :frowning:


The Dark Magic does not use pads. It has an o-ring groove on one side and a starburst on the other. You can put the YYJ silicone rings in it or you can use either gasket maker or flowable silicone.

(Punchline101) #4

I sugest you buy silicone unless you are short on money. If it is your first time siliconeing don’t try it on a expensive yoyo with a lot of silicone ( been there done that ).

(MikeMonty) #5

Sorry man, the Dark Magic wasn’t made to take any sort of response pad. What is it about the o-rings you’re not liking?

(JonasK) #6

I heard 888-sized K-pads actually fit in the O-ring groove, but you might want confirmation on this.


Confirmed, I use K-pads on most of my YYJ’s and I beleive Kentaro said Mickey does too.


The oring was too responsive for my liking as well. I put a small kpad in my dark magic. The silicone is recessed, but it’s more than grabby enough.