Modded Flying Squirrel - For friend

I modded this Flying Squirrel for bluesmurf (Different forum) the other day. Now, I have a long history with this particular Flying Squirrel. I was the second person to use it. Me and him both used it before I started taking the sport seriously. After all, this is the same person that got me into throwing this last time around.

All that aside, He gave it to me and said, “Do what you think is best to it.” At first I was a bit weary because I didn’t feel all my previous mods (With the exception of my FH2) were up to professional standards. After modding this though, I do.

Now, to the mods.

I did a hybrid response with a Silicone Sticker on one side and a silicone recess on the other. I also spiral satined it to make it grind better. Personally, I like the way it plays for a $10 yoyo. It has a good weight, and is now unresponsive. Only problem is, the bearing, honestly sucked. The string kept slipping into the gap due to the bearing’s rounded edges and ruined a few good strings. I fixed this problem using a KonKave, but will not be including that with the yoyo.

Can’t believe you guys didn’t reply…

Nice job!