mobile forum

The mobile forum isn’t very user friendly, though the format is easy to read.
There is no way to edit posts or do any of the profile functions. While obviously not a huge focus it would be nice to see some changes there.

I don’t think there’s even a mobile version of the forum, but it works fine when I’ve gotten onto the site at the Verizon store with their Droids.

It might be a default in the forum script, when I use it on my blackberry it’s entirely text based.

Sorry for double posting I’m on my phone.

Keep in mind that droids, touches, and a lot of other newer smartphones ignore mobile web pages and simply use the full site versions, their hardware capabilities and network speeds allow it.

That only happens sometimes, depending if the site has a mobile version for the type of phone you’re using. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, right. I guess I’ll have to try out a Blackberry next time I go in.

im posting this from the phone since i have 3g on my droid i can post all the way up trips wich is pretty cool. also the i pad with 3g lets you post. any internet enabled phone can do this. I also post on my computer 3/4 of the time. :slight_smile:

Sounds like the Black Berry is just ignoring images.

Edit: Yeah, it is. I changed my user agent to the black berry’s. Looks the same.

it’s kind of like using pre-GUI web browsers, but with a cursor

because what I just said made complete sense

LOL wow. Yeah that’ll totally work.

This site doesn’t work with Blackberrys. It is completely bank, and on some it doesn’t even show up. It works I think on the Storm though.

I am using it via a Blackberry Tour