Mk1 Yoyos - Experimental yoyo designs

Oh my! My wallet will not survive this.

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@MarkD @Glenacius_K, I’ve been enjoying playing with my RBC today. I know that Glen has decided to take a break from making yo-yos aaaaaand this might be off brand for Kyle (@Chainsawctopus), buuuut have you guys considered making an aluminum KNack as a follow up to the RBC? I know that you prototyped an open cup harbinger that didn’t end up going further, but I think that a hollow KNack would be pretty neat and popular.
My other unsolicited suggestions include making it a bit larger than the RBC, trying for a weight around 52-54g perhaps, and also maybe including a MR85-sized bearing blank for true fixed axle play (there, that might tickle Kyle’s fancy!) - I’d actually also be interested in a bearing blank for the RBC!
Anywho, hope you guys are having a nice weekend!


RBC. Red. Black. Clear. What a lineup…. That feels intentional?

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I really dont need a second second (sold my first second lol), but damn it that black is soooo tempting

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@MarkD , from reading the description, it sounds like the blast on the black RBC is extra nice. Any details on what ya’ll did different with that one?


Lol, is it a low key Unknown edition??? :thinking:


I didn’t ask for a special blast, it it’s more matte than the rest, less shiny, and feels really cool.


That sounds cool.

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Some production photos.

By production I mean of course that I was having fun stacking them between testing/packaging.


Honeycomb hideout.

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Count the number of RBCs in the last picture and it totals to an… interesting number.