MK1 and Spinworthy present - The RBC!

Can somsone post some examples pics of B-grades please

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They look exactly like the a grades

Do the fades line up on the caps?


I think they may be a tiny bit off, but it’s not noticeable on mine. I bought a 2nd last night.

It’s close enough on almost all of them. Not actually possible to line it up perfectly.

B-grades were such for little “bathtub rings” on one side where the fade colors touch.


They’re really damn close. I have the green/pink, and just sold a b grade blue/pink. Both of them were impressively lined up between cap/body.


I never EVER spend more than $50 on a yoyo. It’s just one of those things that keep me in check, to avoid unnecessary temptation, to keep me from making any bad decisions haha.

But here I am today.

Even after only a couple hours with it I can firmly say this was not at ALL a bad decision! With my passion for 0A taking the forefront these past couple months, I had to jump in on this opportunity while it presented itself.

It just goes! It does exactly what I tell it to do.

“Yo, can you come back?”
“Right away, bro, I gotchu.”

“Let’s shoot the moon!”
“Heck yea, I’m all for it!”

With my other responsive throws, they all seem to have their own pros and cons, and to get something out of it I have to force it a bit. Not with this, We’re just gliding along together.

Don’t even get me STARTED on those pull starts, so satisfying!!!

Anyway, I digress, this yoyo is freakin’ cool, well worth the splurge!


I cannot believe this thread is still going.

I just got my first ding on my RBC trying to do a double sidewinder in what was really too small a room for it :sob:


Now you can really rip with no fear


My second thought was “I guess I can take it outside now.”

I should treat throws like boots. It’s not that “I bit it on the concrete steps,” it’s that “it has character.”


I only throw mine outside(if I can) over grass

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Are replacement pads going to become available? I have a couple of bearings.

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I ordered some. It’ll be a bit unfortunately


Very good. I have two RBCs I just need some backups.

Hoping to get a red RBC someday. :slight_smile:
Thank you, Jeff


So after playing a fair amount with my RBC the returns were not being as responsive (using orange kitty regular original formula). Tugs weren’t working all the time and binding was required sometimes. I tried adding a 1/2 drop of thick lube, but the bearing seemed like it should be fine as it spun smoothly but not freely, just as you’d expect for a responsive bearing. Well the lube seemed to make it worse. After leaving it alone for a week I finally decided to wipe the pads down with alcohol this morning… What do you know, it is back to being snappy.

I think what happened is the pads were a little dirty or oily. During the lubing process a little bit of lube got on the pads or oil from my fingers or something like that which made it worse. Moral of the story, keep your pads clean for grippy response.


I always try this before swapping out pads. I think oil and dirt can even get on them from your fingers to the string to the pad.


has anyone siliconed their RBC yet? Wondered how different it would be from stock pads, if there’s any difference at all?


I have. It turned out pretty good! They are holding up and responding well.


I grabbed a nice orange one for my son as a present for “graduation” / moving up to middle school. He’s just getting into the hobby but was throwing mine all the time, so i got him his own. It’s his favorite throw, which is saying something because i have a lot of choices… also got him a Speedoholic with an unknown counter weight because he also likes 5A. That’s my boy!!!

But the RBC is his favorite! No surprise really. Great throw.

Enjoy the throw my friends


Finally scored a red one off of BST!

I am Iron Man!