Mirror Polished Metal Drifter - My First Attempt

Still a couple foggy spots but I’m feeling pretty good about it for a first attempt.

$15 shipped in my bst thread (link in my sig). ;D

I like pic 2 with the thumbs up. ;D How’s the wobble/vibe?

Pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a Metal Drifter lol. Aside from that, though, it does play better than I thought it would.

Tune it. You know the sidecaps screw off right? Just use the method you use to tune any FHZ. And very good first polish!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

And yeah I’m aware of the sidecaps screwing off – had to switch the axle to polish the other side somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually haven’t had any experience with tuning FHZs because honestly I’m not a fan. Though if you could elaborate on it, I can certainly give it a try and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Turn the axle once after each throw until it’s smooth. I would mark the spot with a sharpie before you start so you know where you started.