mirror finish

what do I need to make a good mirrored finish?

Send it to any of the modders on YYE. It’s affordable, very.

For DIY you can do it on a drill with some wet sandpaper. After the sanding is done clean it up then hit it with a polishing compound on the drill again. If you have access to one a buffing wheel works very nice.

There are more people than just you and yoyospirit. For example I can mirror polish as well. Most modders can. I would suggest doing it yourself if you have the means, though. You can repolish it whenever it oxidizes.

Good grits to use are; 400, 600, 800, 1500 and then a metal polish. Mothers brand is the best.

Yes you are very right. I corrected my statement.

what kind of mothers brand billet or mag and aluminum?

how do you fit it on a drill?

If you have a chuck, it can just clamp around an extra axle, don’t use the normal one!

and use like paper towels or something around the axle so you don’t damage it.