Mirage string review

As stated on Nikita’s thread:

Donuts: 60% poly, 20% cotton and 20% special silk thread 4$ for 6 strings
This is super soft. Great at whips and slacks as well as quite good at suicides. Holds string tension as well. Unfortunately, the special silk thread only comes in black, and the cotton, in white. You may choose the poly colour though! Actually it isn’t silk, but it feels like it!

This string felt like a babys butt. Litterally, for what whips and slacks it was capable of, it felt amazing! Your hand would simply glide across the string while performing slacks and technical tricks.

This was a 60 % poly, 20% cotton, and 20% “special silk thread”. This was really soft, and I had heard some rumors going around that this was really stiff. I didn’t find this string stiff at all.

Suicides were average with this string. The odd thing is that sometimes it would bail on me, and start twisting up, when I threw the suicide. Then I would shrug, then try it again. Then it would open up abnormally big. Maybe this was just me, but this string was nothing special for suicides.

ZOMG! When I first whipped with this string, explosion AHHHHHH! Oh my gosh. seriously. how is this string so soft, with so much whipping capabilities. Angel hair and alchemy aren’t soft at all, and this nearly whips not as good, but better than them! I landed a double hook, triple laceration, and a reverse ninjavanish with only 1 try. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

This tension was excellent! It wouldn’t start twisting when I did whips, sometimes with suicides, and never with slacks. There was litterally no adjusting that I ever needed. After 3 days, I adjusted it. That was all it needed! Nice job Nikita! :stuck_out_tongue:


Without a doubt, I will come back to buy more of this string. Consistent whips, slacks, and suicides, while still maintaining the softness of a pillow, is what mirage string offers.

I would not hesitate recommending this string to anyone.