Minty Fresh Hit Man

Ummm, yes it is.

That’s beautiful

are the rims gold or just gold colored? I am assuming they are just colored

I believe those are solid 24k gold rims ;). Very nice score jhb8426. I’m with you 100% when it comes to love for the Hitman.

solid 24k gold, if that were to be true I would hope that it never gets played, the higher the karat the softer the gold…

I may be wrong, but I believe that the rims are in fact aluminum annodized a very rich golden color, not 24K gold. I don’t think that YoYoJam has made any solid gold metal rimmed yoyos. Again, I may be wrong

he was just joking we all no theyre not 24k gold

We have a winner!!! :o

Correct. Everyone knows that only JonRob gets to play with yoyos that are genuinely covered in gold. I’m really digging that colorway jbh8426. I’ve been thinking about adding one more Hitman to my arsenal and I think this just might be the one.

I realize as much, but some people may not have


Technically you are wrong:
Gold plated is also “covered in gold”. And the rims of the YYJ nightmoves 5 are 24k gold plated :slight_smile:

Look at what I said. There is a huge difference between solid gold and gold plated.

Ah, sorry.

:wink: NO worries. I can be tricky.

were those rims really anodized, or were they dipped in winsauce?

I believe it’s wine sauce. :wink: