mini meet in richmond,va tommorow!!!!!!!!

we need people for our mini meet in richmond. If u want to come contact me by pming me. Please help by coming we need people. It might be a little late but it is tommorow. You will be contacted about what time it starts if you want to come by 5 pm maybe a bit later today. It is ok if u come later than that though. it will probably be at stony point fashion park.

The meet is starts at 1:30pm plz contact me if ur coming


what time and what is the address

stony point mall 1:15

if your coming pm me /text me

I’d love to go but both my parents are working :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you live in the richmond area?


call 1804392010
URGENT change of plans we will meet up at deep run park
1:30 at the basketball courts
contact me
yoyo627 cant use his account atm

guys stoney point won’t let us yoyo in the mall. we are trying to change locations. We’re meeting at deep run park as of right now

Can’t call cuz Thts not a full number

Wonder why? haha

lol! You can call me or the dude that started the thread. I got his # PM me if ya need it

He think he has a temp ban. He didn’t mean to do anything wrong but me and yoyosr2pro are posting for him

I was being sarcastic. I believe he is the one that made the raptor account and sold a chief(Tried to) near mint bip bop and accepted 100 then wouldnt ship first. He also accidentally postested with his yoyo627 account i am still selling, then edited the comment to pm’d. If he is there, ask him why he cant be an honest trader. I know I cant accuse without trading, but the mods believed it enough to ban him so i am going to.

number correction