Mini Duncan Free Hand Unresponsive?

Is the Duncan Free Hand Key Chain unresponsive?? I didn’t think it was but then I saw this video… looks like a fun little yoyo

If you put in a clean bearing and take out one of the response pads it would be. And I am pretty sure those are rare and hard to find. Not positive though.

if thats a duncan yoyo, why does it say one drop in the background of the video?

Because Brett always has that in the background due to the fact that he used to be sponsored by 1drop…

Well for one none of those tricks require a unresponsive yoyo.
How ever you can set them up unresponsive really easy. the down side to those was a lot if not all of them had a string slipping problem.
They are fun though, and I was able to fix the string slip on the one I had.
If I was going to be getting a yoyo that size I would want a Throw Down YoYo Shuriken.
If you want to go totaly tiny try the yoyofactory mighty flea.
All three of these yoyos will need to be looked for to buy. No one is going to be retailing them.

Oh the Shuriken. I miss mine.

There’s about 100 mighty fleas in stock

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My goal was to get one of these Freehand keychains… Finding my Micro Bullet was close but not quite…then came along the PopStar (I think they’re nearly the same size, not sure). My PopStar is filling in that void of not finding the keychain Freehand quite well. Still wouldn’t mind nabbing one of these in the future however.

Ahh sweet, I didn’t relize the new run didn’t sell out. Thought it had. :slight_smile: