Minecraft trouble!

I just got a minecraft account and it won’t let me spawn, or even just put up normal blocks!!! Any advice???

Ok go on the minecraft thread and ask this

In what way can’t you spawn? System specs would be helpful too.

I think I have an old toaster that can run minecraft. If he has anything built within the last 10 years, he should be fine. (seriously. minecraft system requirements are an intel p4/amd k7, 2gigs ram, 90mb hdd, and a gma 950 gpu. The most recent of those parts is the gpu, which was a low end gpu released in 2004.)

I’d recommend the minecraft forum for minecraft related things.

Ok dude you are most likely on a server right? then you have to find a op or the server owner. You can’t place blocks because its a safety precaution for a greifer attack.