Milky Cascade- A Demo

This is my newest trick, Milky Cascade. Heavy slacks, a rejection, you gotta love it. Hope ya dig.

Th song, by the way, is Superstitions in Travel by Elliot.

The video was a little dramatic for my tastes, but that’s an awesome trick Zack. Keep up the awesome work man.

Yeah. It wasn’t intentional. I just felt really tired today, that translated to melancholy attitude and subconscious song choice. XD

But yeah thanks man. I appreciate the support I get from everyone.

You’ve been improving impossibly fast! Tell me your secret. >_>

Also, it might be just me, but I think the parts after the slack were a bit under-classed(not sure how to explain). Try to make up some innovative elements and add them to it. Of course thats only my opinion.

that was real good, man DO MORE!! :wink:

Yeah, agreed. i just hit a dry spell when I was making it up. =/ I’ll probably modify it later.

And I get better so quickly by throwing ALL THE TIME! O.O"""

nice u should post a tut. plz post a tut. :slight_smile:

Ok. I’ll do a tut for the updated version of the tut. This is like my new favorite trick too, so I actually really wanna do one. And I’ll have time to do some other tuts like the suicide tuts and simple repeaters. :slight_smile: