Pagodas Tutorial (YYET STRIKES AGAIN!)


Another YYET item for you, one my originals called Pagodas. Enjoy!

YouTube informs me that the video is blocked in some countries. If that is your own country, then, I sincerely apologize.

That is an awesome trick, and good video!

Great tutorial!

Crazy amazing sweet trick!!! nice tutorial. ;D

Great Trick! Great Tutorial! Thanks!

Definitely on my list of “tricks to learn over the break!” lol. Thanks for sharing xdohl. ;D

i just started learning it two days ago and i have it down pat now.dude that is a SICK trick, i love it.its defintly going in my next freestyle.(and yes i am a fast learner.not to brag or nothin but i started throwing about a month ago an ive made up some pretty sweet tricks and i can do half of the master tricks on this website.) just sayin. sorry if this is off topic

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showoff :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways sick trick i gotta learn it. its got some good elements i need to practice