Mike Marshall 4th place PNWR HOW???

what do you think?

Good or Bad And how the hell did he get fourth???

That was a dope freestyle, saw a few mistakes but over the course of all the freestyles I saw last night, his was up there in stage presence, technical difficulty, and basic awesomeness. Loved what I saw, this was definitely a great angle, who filmed it? I wonder if they got mine…

Is it good that he got 4th or bad? I can’t tell how you feel about it.

From my view, I really like his style. He has more of a European Asian style which I really like. Most of what we see in America now is just the poppy Jensen point-based style. I really enjoy watching people with a more European style.

Interesting topic. So you just want to put him down or something. I’m sure this topic would make him feel really happy. I’m really glad he got 4th. He deserved it.

I can’t tell if you thought he was better then 4th or worse. I thought he was pretty good. Hit some nice tricks, but lacked a little originality, like the jump, so last year. :stuck_out_tongue:

He actually did a great job. :o No reason to question the judges opinions.


I hope that you all know that “TheCreator” IS mike marshal…He is posting a topic about himself. I know this because I traded with him when his username was TheCreator and I have the PM’s to prove it just in case there are any skeptics. So I ask the obvious question now…why Mike, post a thread about yourself with your very old username? Are you just trying to get feedback weather it be good or bad or what? Oh and also if it is just to get feedback then I give my answer, it is not exactly my cup of tea. Not amazingly good but definitly not bad, it has some good tech elements and some good flow moments.

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Hehe, that’s funny.

Good idea though!