4a tricks!

could someone tell me some more 4a tricks that aren’t on this site. because i have mastered them all and want to learn more. because 8 tricks gets a little boring you know! haha

I don’t know of many, but check


Great site.

Otherwise check around and look for some inspiration.

Just a few, John Narum is best though…

Evan forgot to put this  ;D

Inspiration man! You can get lots of inspiration here!

Man! I wish that guy keep competiting at Worlds. He’s amazing!@!! ;D

Which guy? Taiki?

If you are talking about taiki…

Taiki rocks, but if you look at his 2007 freestyle, he was REALLY nervous. I think he might be participating this year though.

Maybe try making up your own tricks?

Thanks so much guys! I got a bunch of inspiration!