Mighty flea?


2008 engraved mighty flea tow pinprickss. I have seen people pay 20-103$ for one so…

How much is it really worth?

(2Sick Joey) #2

I don’t think anyone should pay over $30 for one.


They’ll be back at retailers in a matter of weeks for their original price, with all the original specs. I think they were $50? For a used one, $30 for one in good condition sounds about right.


They were 80$


Bah, that’s a touch steep for a novelty. I really want one, but man.


They were never 80. They went new for less than 60.

Maybe someone who doesn’t realize their value bought one for that high. I bought mine for $25, mint.


I guess we are both wrong.


Retailers can set their own prices. Maybe they were less than $60 in some stores. But clearly not in all. :wink:


Interesting! Thanks for sharing, Apollo!

But I still stick to my opinion, they are not worth that much. I’d sooner spend $70 to get a slightly larger mini that’s as functional as any normal yoyo, like a St. Eel.




I agree. Anyone selling one they didn’t find as fun as they expected? HMU! Paying $35 plus shipping. :wink:


40$ + shipping and we have a deal :slight_smile: