Mighty Flea?


Will there be a new flea in 2013? :slight_smile:


when will you bringing back the mighty flea?

We hope to have it back this summer!

From the YYF Twitter ask a question.


There’s suppose to be new G5 and mighty flea this year so yes

(Owen) #4

I really want the G5 to come back, I honestly really liked that yoyo when I tried it.


The mighty flea is the only yoyo I regret not getting


Good thing they’re bringing it back! ;]

I just wish we could get a more specific release date. YYF tends to just throw things out there. Even a week or two in advance would be a nice heads up. Maybe YYFBen will step in and throw us a bone.


I want to try 5A with a Mighty Flea:P

(M.DeV1) #8

As a counterweight?


lol X]

I was going to say the dice would be bigger than the yoyo, didn’t think of it this way.


I just thought it would be funny to try because it is smaller than a counterweight.


Wow, this would be awesome. Using a mighty flea as a counterweight. Lol


It’s a very interesting idea! 8)


I just tried, and it completely failed.

(M.DeV1) #14

Too heavy?


How small was the counterweight?


I read recently a 1:7 ratio for a counterweight is a good starting point.

the G5 may be the yoyo that makes me pay that premium price just because I want it.

(LinkDawg) #17

YYF said it would be coming out this summer.