Freehand with a Mighty Flea

No, I haven’t done it, I’d probably injure myself.
But I’m wondering if anyone has, or thinks they can because I would love to see a video of it.


the next sniffy/jayyo contest should be video of 4a with a mighty flea. Binding would be optional, seeing how it’s unresponsive. It would be a sight to see! ;D

It can be done, just make sure the counterweight is a high-contrast color so you don’t confuse them.

It will be quite some time before I would dare to do that. However, it does have that classic 5A-friendly shape. I’d sooner do 5A with my Aoda Littles rather than my Mighty Flea, mostly because it is a lot easier to use.

challenge accepted


Double props if you use a second mighty flea as your counterweight.

Mighty Flea Hydra, anyone?


Can be done (just tried). Weight is a “big deal” so very difficult to do much. Can be done and I am sure with practice one could get good.

If only I had a pair of big deals…

Well I did the math and the counterweight should be about 7 grams if we apply the 1/7 rule. I might need to get one soon to test this theory.

Micro A-Squared. should be a cool video!