Mideast Regionals

Hey guys, wondering if anybodys going to the Mideast Regionals, also its July 10th and right now im only learning Split the Atom, so im wondering if i should go and do the Sport/Trick Ladder, 2 more questions :slight_smile: , for sport/trick ladder do i need to bring music? and is there stands that sell yoyos or shirts?

IM GOING!!!!! im so excited and no you dont need to bring music for the sports ladder.

Thanks, maybe ill see u there, wht yoyos do u have?

I’m most likely going as well.

I have a: 888x, Peak, GM2, Zzzip Fly, Wide Sport, FHZ, and a Dark Magic.


I’m for sure going! It will be fun!!!

Hey, can i try your skyline? and are any of you around 12?

Oops! I have to change that… I just traded it sorry, but I would defiantly let you if I had it. I will be getting a bear vs man from the trade soon though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am 15. So that’s close.

can i try tht ;D

Why not? :wink:

thanks man! want to try any of mine? and wht name will they be calling when you go up?

Well, Its quite a ways away. My name is Zade. Its like “aid” with a “z” in front of it.

not to far though, but what should the farthest trick be in the sports ladder, like how far should i go, right now im learning atomic bomd and ripcord

I’m 15 (which is kinda close to 12 I guess)

You can try my Peak and 888x. I normally don’t let anyone use it, but no one else I know yoyos. It’s a lot easier to trust another yoyoer with a yoyo.

As I said earlier though, I’m not completely sure if I’ll be able to go or not, but I really hope I can this year.

YAah im not completely sure either because my family business (Milan Dragway) has a big race tht day but my dad might be able to slip away

Its about 2-3 months away. I say you should go up the ladder as far was you can. I can do black hops(just not the very last single hop >:( >:( >:( ) But I cant do kamikaze very well. :stuck_out_tongue: So, its what your limitations are, it actually up to you as we don’t know how well you play and what your capabilities are. I’m sure with oodles and doodles of practice, you can hit all 20 tricks in 2-3 months.

It would just be a lot of work.

:smiley: im so going! but my mom hasnt looked at the schedule yet and im going to have to miss karate that day… oh well… i would go instead of going to karate! ;D