Meteor or Axiom?

Once I get pretty good at my string tricks I will probaly get another yoyo besides my Dark Magic. I was thinking about gettting a Axiom, but then I saw the meteor. So now i dont really know which one to get. Also after i get as good as i want to get in string tricks ill start my looping tricks. what would be a good looping yoyo to start with? any info is helful, Thanks a bunch.

Its about preference. No one can really tell you which one is better, because there all capable of amazing things. Some good looping yoyos include NXG’s, loop 720’s (by YYF), and some raiders (by yomega).

Hope that helps!

Cool thanks. As for the looping yoyos though, those sound like they would be for advanced looping tricks. are there any that would be good to start with? all i can do for looping right now is hop the fence, loop the loop, and around the world if its a looping trick. lol. Thanks again

The thing about looping is the beginners and pros can you use the same yoyo’s. Come to the chat if you have any more questions.

i think you should try first the yoyo before you buy,if ever you have a chance to try it so that you’ll know which yoyo fits your style… :smiley: anyway you have your yoyo choices,but still your a lucky man!hehe

if you want a yyj yoyo for looping, i would suggest sunset trajectory ;D

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