metal zero kits?

i know you can buy hubstacks for a fhz and weight rings for them too but i just recently bought a satined sillirecessed 1st run metal zero and i ant hubstacks on them but i dont know if there are kits any way any kits at all that you can buy would be appreciated ;D

Yikes! Extreme mod! I don’t think you can. Unless you are willing to cut the metal off and attacthing them to the axle. Mabye the Derlin Stacks will fit, but I don’t think you can.

Here is one for a regular Freehand, maybe you can base something off this. Try some Reverse Engineering  :wink:

Your best off sending your mfhz to a modder who can shave away the hub enough so that you can see staight through. Then you can add the hubstack kit. I’d do it, but I’m not experienced enough yet, plus I haven’t modded a metal zero yet. Good luck. :wink: