Metal yoyos Vs others


What do you say about the fact that Metal yoyos always need stronger through to play stable compare to other types of yoyos even if they were the same weight may be.??


not sure to get what you mean :frowning:


I believe this is what the OP is asking.


This isn’t true in all yoyos.

First off, because weight doesn’t have anything to do with stability, its all about weight distribution. A throw that ways 90 grams can be super unstable, and a throw that weighs 30 grams can be super stable.
All that matters is where the weight is placed. Yoyos like the Clash, Sleipnir, Solenoid, and others are as stable as anything else. You may just be playing with unstable metal yoyos my friend :wink:


A poorly designed metal will be easily out-performed by a well designed plastic.

You don’t need to throw a metal yoyo harder. You can, you’ll just benefit from longer spin times. Then again, do the same with your plastics for the same reason.

Metal seems to allow better control over weight distribution and shape.


sorry that I messed the spelling of throw with through (I must have been asleep while posting :wink:


What I meant is that there are yoyos that are not much affected when the string touch the sides even with moderate strength throw. But the metals seems that they need a really strong through not to


No. Not at all true.

If you can throw plastic, you can throw metal. Each yoyo make and model is a bit different. Each requires a bit different throw. If you have good fundamentals, you’re 98% on the right track. Rubbing on the sides creates drag and friction be it plastic or metal.


I guess you could always look for yoyos with super low edges that go all the way down to the response pads. I find they do reduce sleep loss but are also a bit less forgiving on wonky throws.



I’m afraid I am. I see I’m the only one whose complaining. I need to figure out. I’m throwing werrd HOUR


You shouldn’t be having any problems at all with the Hour. That thing is crazy good for the price. Just keep working on getting that throw straight, mate.



I agree.

When I first got my dv888, when I was throwing it, it was unstable. Why? I had to adjust to the yoyo. Once I did, it got nice and smooth and stable.

Depending on the person and the yoyo, this isn’t uncommon. I think you should just keep working on it. I really don’t see anything wrong with the Hour. It’s not a model that I’m interested in getting right now, but Werrd makes good stuff. I also don’t think YYE wold knowingly carry a model with “issues”.


I will be more patient, and should come back with another review. but i will not come back soon to be fair to the yoyo and with all of you guys who are assuring the goodness of the yoyo.

And to be honest , i started to get the feeling that i’m getting better with it.

Thank you all.