metal hitman?

Is there a plan to make an all metal hitman? Xconvict and DM already got a metal job, do you people think the hitman will get one?

If you think the ENEME is a metal version of the X-vict they are nothing alike. And I don’t think they have any plans for that.
AHHHH too many pictures…

Thank god someone posted picks of the metal hitman that sasha made. Its a legendary yoyo.

Yoyojam would be freaking smart to make it, they would make big bank with it. The Eneme is nothing like the hitman or Xconvict whatsoever.

I have used to own two of these.

I’d buy one ;D

I’d totally buy one to.

oh emm geeeeeee. I loved the Hitman, I would buy one of these in an instant.

Regardless that this statement is true, YYJ did say that the eneme is a “not quoting” tricked out vict.

JD describes it as an “overtweaked X-Convict”

The Eneme is nothing like the X-ConVict because it’s the all metal version of the X-Con.

The X-Con and X-Convict are not that dissimilar. Tell me what differences in shape you see between the three yo-yos below.

The first two look the same don’t they? The first picture is an X-Con, the second is an X-Convict and the third is an Eneme. The difference in number with the X-Con and X-Convict is also a negligible maximum of .2 in all areas (weight, width, and diameter). The Eneme however is two grams lighter, one millimeter wider, and four millimeters smaller in diameter than the X-Con.

Do you still think the Eneme is nothing like the X-ConVict because it’s the all metal version of the X-Con?

^^ Exactly, I think they just redesigned the x-con to have less of the cracking problem. The new version was called the x-convict.

Curse you mrcnja and your extreme yoyo smartyness!!! Lol jkjkjk thanks for the info though, I really thought what I said was true until you showed me I was wrong.